Welcome to Nerho – Your Partner in Progress! We are thrilled to introduce you to our Vendor Partnership Program, a unique opportunity for you to join forces with Nerho Technology Limited in revolutionizing the construction and home improvement industry. As a trusted online marketplace, Nerho is committed to providing a seamless experience for both vendors and customers.

About Nerho Technology Limited:

Nerho Technology Limited, operating under the trade name “Nerho.Com,” is a registered private company and it’s a one-stop store for all your construction and home improvement items and services with flexible payment plans. Its dedicated to the buying and selling of construction materials, electronics, electricals, cctv, solar, plumbing, home appliances, and more. Our E-Commerce platform, Nerho.Com, serves as a hub for advertising and selling a wide range of products, ensuring accessibility and convenience for our customers.

Vendor Investment Opportunity:

We invite you to be a part of our journey by becoming a vendor through our Vendor Partnership Program. By investing in Nerho, you contribute to our growth and share in the success of our business.

Benefits of Partnership:

1. Profit Sharing: – Nerho Technology Limited and the Vendor will share profits in the agreed-upon ratio quarterly or annually, ensuring a fair and transparent partnership.

2. Platform Exposure: – Your products will be featured on our showroom and E-Commerce platform, reaching a wider audience and enhancing your brand visibility.

3. Care Support: – Nerho will provide dedicated customer care representatives to handle inquiries, complaints, and ensure a positive customer buying experience.

4. Flexible Investment Plans: – Choose between full-time vendor or investment vendor, giving you flexibility in your partnership with Nerho.

5. Secured warehouse for goods storage.

How to Get Started:

1. Review the Partnership Options and choose the plan that aligns with your goals.

2. Complete the necessary documentation, including the Investment Agreement.

3. Remit the agreed investment amount to Nerho Technology Limited.

4. Sit back and watch as your products become part of the Nerho success story!

Contact Information:

For further inquiries and to initiate your partnership with Nerho, please contact us at KM 5 DSC Express way Otokutu Delta state or email us at or call us at 07083444463, 09127717176 or visit our website at

Join Nerho – Where Partnership Leads to Prosperity!