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The Dangers of Using Cheap Wire

How important is the quality of your wire? Maybe you don’t think about it. After all, as long as it works and does what you need it to do, what’s the difference between one brand and another? Well, let me tell you that if you’re using poor-quality wire in your business or at home, you may be putting yourself and your customers at risk of injury or death! Let me tell you why…

Common wire problems

Wires break easily. The wires used in cheap wire are inferior and can break quickly or suffer from bending. While it’s possible to use these wire for simple crafts, you should be aware that they won’t last very long in complex projects. Before purchasing cheap wire, consider if you have time for something to break every time you work with it or will a more expensive and durable option be better.

Tips on Choosing Wire

Choosing wire is not rocket science. It’s as simple as choosing whether to work with copper or aluminum and then selecting a gauge based on your final product. But, when it comes to choosing wire, you want to make sure you choose a quality piece that will stand up against wear and tear and won’t break under stress.